May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace.
PSALM 144:12


Hey there, welcome to Plants & Pillars! This website is a place where we invite young people to come and visit, read, watch, learn, discuss and engage with us about God and life.

It’s also a place where you will be able read daily devotionals for yourself, find Bible Studies for your youth group, and see a calendar of youth events for all the Free Reformed Churches of North America (FRC).

We hope also that this will be a place where you will not only hear from us, but where you also put questions to us. Questions that maybe you don’t know who to ask, or that you are too embarrassed/shy/scared to ask, or maybe just a question about something that you just would like an answer to. You can anonymously post your question and we will send it to a minister in the FRC to answer, and we’ll post it back to this website.

We are excited to bring you Christian articles and videos from a Reformed perspective and worldview that are Bible-centered and God-glorifying.


Christians and Tattoos?

Question: What is a proper, biblically based view on getting tattoos? I know that many people use Leviticus 19:28 as a biblical foundation against getting tattoos, but in context these rules seem to be God’s directives to keep Israel from practicing the pagan religion & rituals of neighbouring cultures. Another verse commonly used, is, 1…

Worship! What Is It Really?

Definition of Worship What is worship? It is essentially doxology—a giving of glory, praise, honour, and homage to God. Worship is the tribute which we pay to God, whereby we acknowledge his sovereignty over us and our dependence on him. Worship includes all the inward reverence and respect and all the outward obedience and service…