Rev. Maarten Kuivenhoven is pastor of the HRC (Heritage Reformed Congregation) in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Signposts to Jesus (2)

Read: John 20:30–31 and John 2:1–11 The Fullness of Jesus Every sign that we read and interpret points out a greater reality or some danger. Arrow signs point out which direction the sharp turn takes so drivers avoid going over an embankment. A rest area sign points to the place where you can stop, take…

Signposts to Jesus (1)

The opportunity to start driving is one of the milestones of the teenage years. I remember well the day I could get the first stage of my license. Depending on where you live, you would call it your permit or your beginners. I pored over the little book that prepared me for the first written test. That little book contained every road sign imaginable. Road signs are vital to driving. They point you in the right direction and prevent you from getting lost. They prevent chaos and disorder on the roads. Road signs mean life or death … This truth about road signs is no less true for spiritual life.

The End

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “I’m pre-mil, or post-mil, or a-mil.” You shrug it off and think, “That’s all Greek to me!” It actually is Greek, and refers to the various positions regarding the end times or Second Coming of Christ. “Mil” is the short form for millennium, which means a thousand years. The millennium…